We are proud to present our new line of kendamas, the YUMU Super Paint series.

The Super Paint Kendama features YUMU’s first-ever Japanese traditional Ken and a paint that fuses rubber grip technology with brilliant durability. Balancing plays a huge role in the world of Kendama and this series has been specifically designed not only to welcome the use of a first-time player, but also to accommodate the seasoned veteran.


With deeper cups on both the Ken and the Sarado, tricks such as Lighthouse and Lunar become easier than ever to balance out. The Super Paint featured on the Tama is known to broaden any player’s horizon for endless creativity, with difficult tricks being ten times easier to land, as tested and proven by our entire YUMU team.


Expert wood craftsmen from Taiwan created the Super Paint series with 100% quality control and precision throughout the creative process. With this Kendama, the player will find practically any challenge as effortless.

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