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  • SIFANG - White Tiger
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    SIFANG - White Tiger


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    Sifang Kendama

    In ancient Chinese astronomy, the Four Symbols - Azure Dragon (pinyin: Qinglong), White Tiger (pinyin: Baihu), Rosefinch (pinyin: Zhuque) and Black Turtle (pinyin: Xuanwu) - represent the East, the West, the South and the North, respectively. They are also known as the Four Gods and Four Saints, dividing the 28 lunar mansions into the eastern group of 7 constellations, the western group of 7 constellations, the southern group of 7 constellations and the northern group of 7 constellations. Chinese people believe that the Four Benevolent Animals are auspicious symbols that bring in luck and happiness and protect us against evil and misfortune. SIFANG now presents a new product - SIFANG KENDAMA – that ingeniously incorporates the images of the Four Holy Beasts into its design and embodies the mutual promotion among the Five Elements and the rhythm of Nature.

    The White Tiger is one of the Four Symbols in traditional Chinese culture, which regards the tiger as the King of the Beasts. Because of its awesome strength and ability to subdue ghosts, it has thus become a holy beast that carries the yang energy. According to the Theory of the Five Elements, it is the guardian spirit of the West, which corresponds to the element Metal and the color white. In fact, the “White Tiger” is not necessarily white, as it is named in line with the Five-elemental System instead of the color of the mythological creature. It represents the autumn season.

    Height of about 19 cm, width 7 cm

    Detail size:
    Large cup diameter of about 4.2 cm
    Medium cup diameter of about 3.6 cm
    Small cup diameter of about 3.8 cm
    Ball diameter of about 6 cm


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